2nd Portable Ballast Water Treatment container ready

UniBallast introduces two mobile, high flow rate, low power consumption mobile ballast water treatment containers

UniBallast built a first mobile ballast water treatment container with a high flow rate and low power consumption, immediately followed by a second container last summer. Realizing along-cherished wish, a unique mobile ballast water treatment unit minimum-disruptive to a vessel's normal operational process, to be used as contingency or temporary project solution.

After having done more than 80 BWMS retrofits of all technologies available in the market, UniBallast came up with a tailor made easy to mobilize high capacity and low power consumption BWTS unit based on filterless, active substance treatment, reducing carbon footprint and cost per cubic meter of ballast water treated

When asked, Mr Andrés López, director of UniBallast and Royal Roos' Spanish branch, responded: "This is the type of versatile treatment the shipping industry has been waiting for. When ships are facing treatment issues, you do not want to stop operation any longer than needed." Adding, "able to receive up to 1,500m3/hr this is the solution to solve operational discharge bottle necks.". Furthermore “Other units, like drilling platforms or barges with no ballast system or limitations for operation of their ballast systems under D-2 compliancy, could benefit of this alternative portable solution.”

Compact, lightweight, easy to transport via road or water. UniBallast's mobile ballast water treatment containers can treat up to 1,500m3/hr with an energy consumption of max 13kW at either 400V/50Hz or440V/60Hz.

The 20ft container has a USCG and IMO G8 type approved TeamTec Senza BWMS installed, based on ballast water treatment via active substance using Sodium Hypochlorite and a holding time of only 4 hours for sea water. Container and vessel are connected via an external manifold and hoses. The use of external pumps is also possible with this unit.

UniBallast has developed a good cooperation with TeamTec over the years, there is currently an option on a third BWT container with a TeamTec system installed.

The containers have so far been operational in the ports of Eemshaven, Arbatax-Sardinia and Rotterdam and are already scheduled for operations in the Port of Antwerp, the UK, Morocco and Singapore.

Interested in renting or buying our ballast water treatment container or preparing your vessel for using portable BWTS? Please contact us at +31(0)10 4373117 or info@uniballast.nl to discuss the options.

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