To install or to not install a BWTS in these uncertain times

Not sure yet which ballast water treatment system to select? Or fearing high cost for an onboard system retrofit?

Don't worry. UniBallast has an alternative for you while being compliant with IMO and USCG regulations. Our Universal Ballast Water Port Connector.

UniBallast has developed this IASC type approved Ballast Water Port Connector (UBPC) for easy discharge of ballast water to any treatment facility according to the latest USCG/IMO standards.

The UBPC is available in various sizes (4″ – 12″) depending on the flow capacity needed and can be installed in the ship’s hull or on deck.

Outside a flexible rubber hose connects the ship to a treatment facility, e.g. a portable treatment container or port reception facility.

Inside the UBPC has a tie-in to the existing hard piping of the ship’s ballast water system. The ship’s own ballast water pump is used to pump ballast water to a reception facility or unit for treatment.

The UBPC provides ship owners an affordable alternative to meet USCG/IMO ballast water discharge standards.

Contact UniBallast at or +31(0)10 244 0714 for more information.

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