For vessels, barges and ports. Flexible and mobile ballast water treatment, compliant to all regulations. Either through ownership of via a lease construction. Fully compliant to IMO/USCG regulations.

UniBallast offers a wide range of containers with a built in or skid mounted ballast water treatment system. Standardized or fully customized to your specific needs. Making it a most flexible and mobile ballast water treatment solution for your vessel, barge or port.
Offering a good alternative for vessels lacking space to built-in a BWT system, if you haven’t decided yet on a specific system or for parties seeking full flexibility in light of their vessels or barges operational profile.

Ballast water treatment containers of UniBallast are explosion proof, compact, lightweight and have low power consumption.

Containers are mobile, can be placed on deck or alongside on a barge or quay side. Some skid mounted models fit an air plane for transportation to any destination in the world. Where ever you need ballast water treatment for your maritime operations. Highly suitable as temporary, mid and long term portable ballast water treatment facility.

your vessel to
a portable
ballast water treatment system

Is easy via our Universal Ballast Water Port Connector (UBPC). For safe transfer of ballast water to any mobile treatment facility. Available in various sizes, so always matching the vessel’s normal discharge capacity. And reducing the investment for a built-in ballast water treatment significantly.

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