For ports UniBallast has full operational concepts for in port ballast water treatment. Not interfering with a vessel’s normal port operation.

Based on a fixed location it offers a mid to long term solutions. And as a mobile concept it offers a short(er) term flexible solution.

Our collect & supply concept can be fully operational on both a fixed location or used flexible on several port locations. A large (floating) collection/storage station is used for the actual treatment of ballast water. This can be a large barge, empty container vessel or other large suitable ballast water holding storage.

A smaller barge, moving around port, moors alongside a vessel for de-ballasting during (off)loading operations, collecting the ballast water to be treated. Alternatively a vessel can moor alongside the main storage station itself for deballasting.

The vessel’s normal port operation is not delayed, since it can deballast in the same flow rate as the ship’s own overboard pumps via the Universal Ballast Water Port Connector (UBPC). Ship owner’s responsibility ends immediately after deballasting and the vessel can continue its voyage without delay.

your vessel to
a port based
ballast water treatment system

Is easy via our Universal Ballast Water Port Connector (UBPC). For safe transfer of ballast water to any mobile treatment facility. Available in various sizes, so always matching the vessel’s normal discharge capacity. And reducing the investment for a built-in ballast water treatment significantly.

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